A Prayer for the Johnson Family
My Dear Sisters,
Your lives will forever be changed.  The loss of a father and all the father-daughter relationship encompasses; your loss is indeed soul deep.  For there are few things in life that touch our hearts as deep as the love of a father.
My prayer for you in the moments and months ahead, is the strength to grieve your father’s death, and the ability to celebrate his memory.
Your family is close, continue to console each other.  Continue to depend on each other.  Continue to be patient with one another.
Your collective love and support will be your greatest gift to your father’s memory in the months and years to come.
May you feel the loving embrace of the Source of Life in your times of sorrow, and may you remain mindful that you are not alone.
Amen and Blessed Be
Rev. Dr. Monica L. Cummings

About the Author
T. Resnikoff
Ted Resnikoff is the Digital Communications Editor at the Unitarian Universalist Association.