Ronald Charles (Chuck) Hunt, Jr.
Ronald Charles (Chuck) Hunt, Jr. is a graduate of Saint Frederick High School in Monroe, Louisiana and grew up in the Missionary Baptist (African American Baptist of the National Baptist Convention U.S.A.)  In 2007, through the Church of the Larger Fellowship, Chuck gained interest in joining Unitarian Universalism.  Chuck remarks, “I joined the faith because I can raise questions freely. I love the openness of the faith. I never was exposed to this type of faith in Northeast Louisiana.  However, after reading about various U.S. Presidents and their religions, I recognized their mainstream faiths, but Unitarian was one that I was not familiar with.”  Chuck goes on to say, “I went to the encyclopedia and read about UUism, but decided to go online and look up it up on Yahoo and found  I received more information and was amazed about the faith.”
For Chuck, Unitarian Universalist inclusiveness stood out because too many religions want their members to check themselves at the door.  Chuck “called a member of a UU church in Mississippi and learned more about Unitarian Universalist because he wanted to talk to people of the faith.  The guy at the church gave me more details and a smile was on my face while talking to him on the phone.  I was convinced that Unitarian Universalism is my faith of choice. We may have our downfalls, but there is always dialog, unlike other faiths. There is still room for improvement. My first General Assembly truly was an experience. I met people of many races, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations, etc.”
Chuck has attended McNeese State University of Lake Charles, Louisiana and Hinds Community College of Raymond, Mississippi.  Currently Chuck works at a local restaurant, but is in the process of seeking new opportunities.

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T. Resnikoff
Ted Resnikoff is the Digital Communications Editor at the Unitarian Universalist Association.