Christopher D.  Sims

Christopher D. Sims is a man of African descent who has been writing poetry for most of his life, and performing it for half of his life. His poems are intricate, detailed, knowledge-filled, and entertaining. Christopher grew up in Rockford, IL, where as a child he was allowed to be free to express himself and discover his gifts and talents.
His adult life has been one of many performances, open mike hosting, and travels all across the states, and Canada.
Christopher is still writing poetry, and has taken a performance hiatus to return to the University of Memphis to complete his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

In her delicate brown eyes
I saw a rise of rage and fury –
justified anger LOUD and uncompromising.
I had entered hell then.
No more her.
No more hugs.
No more hope.
No more love.
I deserved it.
In a wordless ten minutes of tension
she proudly mentioned her celibacy.
But, my adultery spoke silently.
It’s scared, tiny voice
had no place in between us.
It was hard.
She, I left scarred.
To the door she charged
leaving me single, and at large.
Why do men cheat?
Then not want to stand
the kitchen’s heat?
I lied. Then lost. Became lonely.
Was unwanted. Walked in wonder.
Talked to invisible spirits. Cried inside.
50% of me died. My stomach balled up
at the site of her loving again. For a
moment in time I lost my soul, my sanity,
and my best friend.
It was like:
drowning in a well;
the most unbearable smell;
stepping on a rusted nail.
Being without her
was pure hell.
© Christopher Donshale Sims 2010

If I were ML King and A UU for a Day
In Rockford, IL
With our first principle in mind
I wonder about man kind
lost in a world of drugs, alcohol,
and a poor education system in the Forest City.
To him I want to listen,
and then envision a city
Where we all live
and are treated equally.
I want to live justfully in Rockford, IL
with a compassion that shows,
and with a spirt that glows.
I want love to flow
out of my energy,
so that adults respect and love me
and that children embrace and hug me.
We must accept one another.
We must live as sister and brother.
And, as I cruise through west side Rockford streets
then travel to reach the east side of this city,
I won’t feel pity
knowing that I participate in a
lonely disconnection.
We are all free to be who we are.
Our many churches practice what they will.
I must recognize this.
I must realize that truth and love are found
throughout all religions. Even if I am a UU
and my neighbors are Muslims or Christians.
As long as I have conscience in my church,
and am granted the democratic process.
My church congregation is a resource to this city,
positive energy we create, and progress is
As a Unitarian Universalist in Rockford, IL
how am I contributing to the world community?
Am I walking in Martin’s light and shoes,
spreading peace and humility?
I can be Martin Luther King jr. in my own right
and help fight for liberty and justice.
In these days in time of joblessness,
homelessness, and a lack of hope,
the Martin in me can cope
As long as I understand that as woman and man,
we are a web connected.
That we are a community facing obstacles
together, not alone.
Whether the east or west side of the river is
our home.
© Christopher Donshale Sims

All rights reserved2010.

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