pic of me with love signDear Family,
It seems a lifetime ago since I wrote my February newsletter column.  In the past 30 days people in North Africa wanting freedom, political choice and economic opportunities have peacefully revolted and forced oppressive political leaders out of power.  As I write this column, I am watching Al Jazeera English and the unfolding rebellion in Libya.  And in my home state of Wisconsin, public employees and their allies have been protesting against legislation that would weaken union membership and their power.
The change that is happening in this country and other parts of the world is scary and can tap into the deepest part of our fears.  I was once told that the only thing in life I can count on is change.  I find that on some days I embrace change with open hands and heart.  While on other days, I fear change and resist it with the all the energy I have.  How do you deal with change?  What goes through your mind when you realize change is in your life?  How much do you fear change?
I think the following poem by Sara Moores Campbell will be helpful during the changing and fearful times we live in.
Love Casts Out Fear
In fear we isolate ourselves.
In love, we connect with others.
In fear, we become immobilized.
In love, we are empowered to act.
In fear, we judge others.
In love, we seek justice.
In fear, we distrust.
In love, we trust.
In fear, we seek punishment.
In love, we seek mercy and forgiveness.
In fear, we see death.
In love, we see life.
In fear, we retreat.
In love, we reach out.
Let us reach out in love and support one another through change and fear.
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Living My Faith,
Rev. Monica

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T. Resnikoff
Ted Resnikoff is the Digital Communications Editor at the Unitarian Universalist Association.