pic of me with love signHello Family,
In the month of June we will celebrate Fathers Day and the beginning of Summer.  June is also a month in which cities across the world will host Gay Pride events.  After many years of not attending Pride events, I decided to show my Pride and celebrate with Milwaukee’s LGBT community last weekend.  After walking around the grounds and visiting most of the booths and food venders, I settled in at the LGBT Center of Southeast WI booth, where I socialized and talked about present and future programming at the Center.  As darkness fell, people begin to gather in the main stage area for the final concert and headline performer LeAnn Rimes.
Okay, I will admit to having a love/unlike relationship with Country Music which stems in part from the less than accepting history of the genre toward the LGBT community and people of color.  So, I was undecided as to whether or not I would attend the concert.  Just as I decided to head home, the music started and I found myself swaying to the beat, singing along and moving closer to the stage.  LeAnn was phenomenal in her performance, sharing about how her life influences her music and the lessons she has learned the past year.
One lesson she learned is the power of forgiving and asking for forgiveness.  From personal experience, I know it is harder to ask for forgiveness than it is to forgive.  What I have learned from my years in recovery is that it is even harder for me to forgive myself which is where I need to begin if I want to change how I treat myself and others.
Over the next month, I want you to ponder the following questions.  When was the last time you forgave yourself?  Is there someone who you need to ask for forgiveness?  Is there someone who you need to forgive?
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Living My Faith,
Rev. Monica

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