King’s Chapel will be open tomorrow for prayer, beginning at 8 a.m and for two special services of prayer and music (12:15 and 6). We are a place of sanctuary for our members and friends, for those who work in the City, and for the people from out of town who visit us daily.

Our usual Tuesday 12:15 concert will continue, as a time for musical reflection. We will also offer spoken prayers both prior to and after that concert. Also, at 6 p.m., we will host a brief service of prayer for any in the area who may be leaving their place of work and seek an opportunity to come together and pray.

Throughout the day, the Tour Guide staff will let all visitors know that they are welcome to come into this sacred space, to view its beauty, and to quietly pray, if they choose, but that we will not be offering regular tours. We also will place numerous additional Bede books around the Chapel so that those visiting can write prayers. God bless.

58 Tremont Street, Boston, MA.




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Rev. Dr. Monica L Cummings