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Sadly, we are once again witnesses to senseless violence. New images of suffering, panic, and heroism burn themselves into our memory. Shock mixes with grief, disbelief, compassion and anger. 


Monday’s bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon occurred just blocks from the Unitarian Universalist Association headquarters. As far as we know, all our staff are safe. Our prayers go out to the families of those who were killed and to all who have been injured. Beyond the physical injuries, many have been traumatized here and across the country. 


At times like this our spiritual communities are more important than ever. This is a time for being together, for giving and taking comfort from one another. This is a time for reaching out-both to be comforted and to offer kindness. 


At this time we do not know who did this or what twisted thinking produced this horrific act. We do know this: everything we do to spread compassion, understanding, acceptance, and peace matters. It is literally a matter of life and death. 


May each of us find comfort and healing. May each of us find ways of letting our pain be transformed into acts of love and healing. 


  In Faith,


Rev. Peter Morales

President, Unitarian Universalist Association


P.S. Resources are available to help you process these disquieting events emotionally and spiritually for yourself, in your family, and with others in your faith community.  

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Rev. Dr. Monica L Cummings