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  • Introduction to White Ethnic Identity Formation for Youth

  • Introduction to Racial and Ethnic Identity Caucusing for Youth


  • Diversity of Ministry Initiative

  • LGBT in Religious Communities

  • Allies for Racial Equity (ARE)




 The Mosaic Project asks the questions: What are the ministry needs of African, Caribbean, Native/American Indian, Asian and Pacific Islander, Latina/Latino and Hispanic, Middle Eastern/Arab, Multiracial and Multiethnic and transracially adopted Unitarian Universalist youth and young adults?

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Laura Wilkerson Spencer
Laura Wilkerson Spencer, author of the Mosaic Project Report
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Introduction to White Ethnic Identity Formation for Youth

Discussion Guide

Handout 1: Definitions (PDF)

Handout 2: Four Stages of White Identity Formation Model (PDF)

Handout 3: Cummings Identity Map and Worksheet (PDF) 

Handout 4: Responsive Readings (PDF)


Introduction to Racial and Ethnic Identity Caucusing for Youth

Discussion Guide (PDF)




Unitarian Universalism is a liberal religious tradition, and DRUUMM is a welcoming spiritual and cultural home for People of Color. 

DRUUMM was organized in 1998 by religious professionals of color (Ministers, Directors of Religious Education, UUA Staff), and has grown to be inclusive of all People of Color who share in the vision of DRUUMM and seek to build a meaningful anti-racist, anti-oppressive, multicultural community.  DSC_0053

 We are a membership based religious organization, affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations.  We are led by a Steering Committee elected at our regular DRUUMM Membership Meetings, and are supported by dues and donations from people like you!

DRUUMM Diverse & Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist

Multicultural Ministries



Diversity of Ministry Initiativepic of POC ministers at GA

The Diversity of Ministry Initiative (DOMI) seeks to foster, create, and sustain healthy, engaged, long-term ministries for ministers and religious professionals who identify as people of color, Latina/o, Hispanic, and/or multiracial/multiethnic. The initiative is supported by the Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA’s) Diversity of Ministry Team (DOMT).

DOMT is housed in the Office of the President. It is convened by the Multicultural Ministries and Leadership Director of the Multicultural Growth and Witness staff group. Its membership includes the UUA President, the Vice President for Ministries and Congregational Support, and representatives from Diverse & Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist (UU) Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM), Ministries and Faith Development, Multicultural Growth and Witness, and the UU Ministers Association.


Finding Our Way Home,  a DOMT fully funded annual retreat for ministers and ministerial candidates of color and Latina/o, Hispanic, and multiracial identities.


LGBT in Religious CommunitiesUU-UNO

Being Gay, Lesbian and Transgender in Religious Communities: a Faith and Human Rights Discussion

Event presented by the UU-United Nations Office as part of the UU-UNO Spring Seminar 2013.  View video of the discussion at:



With Their Own Voices search pic

A Global Exploration of How Today’s Young People Experience and Think About Spiritual Development

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ARE Logo


Our Mission

Unitarian Universalist Allies for Racial Equity (ARE) exists as a response to a request by Diverse Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM), a UU People of Color Organization, for a group of white anti-racist allies to serve as partners in the journey of transforming our faith movement and the world. 

Our mission is to confront racism in ways that are accountable to communities of color and by creating opportunities for white UUs to understand white privilege and unlearn white supremacy.

You can reach our leadership by emailing us at